2015 post-visit email survey results


Reviews by patients

  • Diederick S. (12/1/2011) ★★★★★ Last month was the first time I went to Christopher Keys' office to get treatment. I chipped my two front teeth and I had to get them fixed and I am very pleased with the result. Dr. Keys and his staff were very nice, they were clear about the procedure and I knew exactly what they were doing as I was receiving treatment. The treatment itself was not painful at all. Also, the staff did a good job at making you feel comfortable as soon as you step into the office. I don't have fear of the dentist, but I can imagine that people who do have it feel comfortable in Dr. Keys' office.
  • Kyla M. (12/1/2011) ★★★★★ My experience with Dr. Keys and his dental staff has been exceptional. This is a top-notch dental office that puts the needs of the customer first in a warm, comfortable, and professional environment. Dr. Keys explains every procedure,whether big or small, with extreme detail and allows the patient to feel 100% comfortable before he begins. In addition, during bi-yearly checks, the dental assistants do an impeccable job at teeth cleaning and also offer a plethora of helpful tips and pointers. I highly recommend Dr. Keys to anyone who is looking for an outstanding Dentist. I can say with the utmost confidence that no one will be disappointed in this first-class establishment.
  • Terry D. (11/10/2011) ★★★★★ Top of the line dentist and top of the line staff! He will walk and talk you through your procedure and makes it as painless as possible. I am so glad my family and I found this office!
  • Cheryl H. (11/8/2011) ★★★★★ Let's be honest, no one likes to go to the dentist. I have had some AWFUL experiences with prior dentists and was extremely afraid to ever go back to the dentist again. After a 6.5 hour root canal from Western Dental, I figured I would let my teeth fall out and never return to any dentist ever again. YEARS LATER...I made an appointment with Dr. Keys' office and his staff was extremely understanding of my fear of the dentist. From the moment you walk in the door, they make you feel special and taken care of. I called to just get my teeth whitened, but learned that I also had many cavities as well. Several appointments later...cavities gone! After each appointment they would call me to check in and see how I was doing. They really go above and beyond what is expected. Dr. Keys is also very informative of new and upcoming information/technology in the dental field. I was very impressed with all of the information I was provided with and you can tell he loves what he does. I want to personally thank Dr. Keys and his staff (especially Angie, Jana & Lilliana) for making my smile beautiful again. You guys are the best!
  • Tyne A. (10/5/2011) ★★★★★ I have been a patient of Dr. Keys for at least 15 years or so. I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Keys or any of his staff. He is friendly, matter-of-fact and honest. I have found him to be gentle and highly skilled as a dentist. I have recommended many of my friends to Dr. Keys over the years and none of them has ever voiced anything but praise for him and his staff. I use Delta Dental for my insurance and I have not had any problems. I highly recommend Dr. Keys - I hope he never retires!!
  • Nicole C. (10/5/2011) ★★★★★ He is a great dentist! My whole family goes to his practice, and he and his staff are always bending over backwards to make us feel comfortable. He also takes my insurance, unlike most dentists in town his prices are reasonable and his takes most dental insurance. After dealing with expensive dentists in area and others, I was thrilled to find him.
  • Vicki S. (6/15/2011) ★★★★☆ Dr. Keys and his staff were very kind and professional with me when I was going through a very difficult decision process for major dental work on my front teeth. We discussed options and he gave me a lot of his time after only charging me for an initial visit and exam. He helped me get comfortable with seeking more expert advice and gave me a referral to another extremely helpful endodontic specialist who also was kind and generous with his time and consultative advice. I have not had work done beyond a cleaning and exam with Dr. Keys office but would recommend him for his over-view of dental health and personal touch.
  • Carson L. (6/1/2011) ★★★★★ Dr. Keys' office is pleasant and the staff is very friendly. I have gone to Dr. Keys since I was young and have had great experiences. Regular check-ups and cleanings have been just fine. Dr. Keys is genuine and cares about his patients well-being. A++
  • Raina T. (4/25/2011) ★★★★★ I have had an amazing experience with Dr.Keys and Staff! In fact I can say that Dr. Keys has reconfirmed my faith in the health care system and people in general. His humanitarianism has changed my life. Because of Dr Keys I have overcome one of the most challenging obstacles in my life. I have always had buck teeth! I had a over bite under bite and cross bite. All through out school I was painfully shy and embarrassed. I was teased and all that! As an adult on blue collar wages I learned to accepted my fate and was able to perseveir as a strong women with a superbly messed up grill. At 29 years old my wisdom teeth started causing even more issues and my buck teeth were now severing my own lip. I could not close my own mouth! I had been having allot of problems with a low income dentistry firm. I was referred to Keys by a friend. I initially went in just to see if i could get the suckers shaved down. I told Dr Keys my story. I was supposed to get braces as a child. my mom was single and Denti-care unlawfully denied my case, yadda yadda. My spirits were lifted as I left his office. Not only did he charge me next to nothing just smooth out my choppers, he also informed me that Invisalign could be of great benefit to me. I had always wanted to have Invisalign and was always told that I was not a candidate and that my case was too extreme. In fact the low income dentistry firm had told me that I needed a 20,000 dollar surgery and was unable to help me in any way, short story! By next week Dr. Keys's office had called me with the best news I have EVER had! He had already approved me as a cadidate for Invisalign and had worked out an EXTREMELY affordable payment program! I came in the next day we set up appointments immediately to fix my cavities and got impressions done! It is now six months later and my teeth look great! Most importantly my teeth do not cut my lip any more and i can close my mouth! I forget sometimes how impaired I was physically and mentally. I owe this incredible journey all to Dr Keys. I later found out that he has won the dentist of the year award. He is an amazing dentist and wonderful human. Staff is superior and quite hilarious. My only complaint is that they make me laugh while my mouth is agape and full of dentist tools. I highly recommend Dr. Keys Family Dentistry. All my friends go to him now too.
  • John G. (4/9/2011) ★★★★☆ Our dentist of 20 years recently retired and sold his practice to 2 new dentists from San Jose. We tried to continue our loyalty to the office we had been treated at for so long. The 2 new dentists turned out to be mostly concerned in making money rather than providing us the best treatment. I came to Dr. Keyes after being given the run around at the other dentist's office for months. By that time I had 2 abscessed molars that needed to be extracted. Dr. Keyes has excellent digital X-rays that clearly showed the problem area. He was very thorough in explaining my options and was always available to answer questions. Dr. Keyes did a great job with the extractions and kept me at ease, took breaks and made me as comfortable as possible. He checked in on me afterwards and provided me with several follow-up appointments to be sure everything was OK. We're very pleased with Dr. Keyes.
  • Richard S. (3/22/2011) ★★★★★ After moving to Santa Cruz I needed to find a dentist. My next door neighbor recommended Dr. Christopher Keys. Chris has been my dentist now for over 25 years. His dental office has a very friendly atmosphere and I really like the emphasis on prevention and good dental care. When fillings or crowns are necessary the procedures are always low stress and painless. I've always been pleased with the results. I also appreciate the responsiveness by Chris when my wife's mother needed emergency dental care due to an accident. He got her in right away and saved her front teeth. If you are looking for a good dentist in the Santa Cruz area I recommend Dr Christopher Keys
  • Ginger H. (2/22/2011) ★★★★★ Staff in the office is very friendly and good-natured - obviously love their job and the people they work with - a very good sign. I visited Dr. Keys after a bad experience with another dentist and found him very easy going and professional. He is very good at explaining what he recommends and showed me what me saw on my enlarged digital x-rays- was very concerned that I got all my questions answered to my satisfaction. A very pleasant man and easy to talk to. The cost for my additional services needed were half what my previous dentist charged me. I would highly recommend Dr. Keys!
  • Tina K. (7/22/2010) ★★★★★ The office of Dr. Keys is quaint and very open. His staff is friendly and the service is great. He lays out the best options available to you in a simple terms. He is honest, afordable, and family friendly. This is a great place for anyone who needs dental work!
  • Thomas L. (11/30/2009) ★★★★★ Last week I had a cleaning and filling done by Dr. Keys and staff. The dental hygienist, Liliana does a thorough and great job at cleaning and is very courteous; I recommend her highly. The large filling Dr. Keys performed on my upper tooth never hurt! It never hurt that evening or the following day, and I'm now going on a week with zero pain. What a nice experience. I highly recommend Dr. Keys and staff, as they are as courteous and professional as it gets.
  • James G. (11/28/2009) ★★★★★ I've been seeing Dr. Keys for dental care for 28 years. All my dental work, mostly fillings and crowns, have been handled with the highest quality of care and concern for me as a patient. Once, I pulled off a crown with sticky candie while in New Zealand; I brought it back 3 weeks after it came off - too late to be cemented back on, but Chris still made good on his word and refitted me with a new crown at no cost. It's that kind of integrity along with the quality of his care and staff that have kept me his patient for almost 30 years.
  • David R. (11/26/2009) ★★★★★ Dr. Keys gives an objective assessment and he is honest. You can be confident that he won't perform and charge for unnecessary work. If you are paying privately, like me, that's priority one. His office is pleasant and the staff is courteous and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Keys to a loved one.
  • Carson L. (11/26/2009) ★★★★★ I had a virtually pain-free visit with Dr. Keys. His office staff is very pleasant and caring. I appreciated their emphasis on quality and patient comfort. A very pleasant dental experience. You can tell this dentist is very skilled and caring.


The door of the Dr. Keys dentist office waiting room in Santa Cruz