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Thank you for selecting our office to serve your dental needs. We believe it is important not only to provide the highest quality dental care, but to make this type of care affordable for our patients. We have made arrangements for our patients, which allow payment to be convenient and flexible.

Payment Options

Please review the plans listed below. Give some thought to which one may serve you best in meeting your needs. Our front office staff will consult with you on specific details to make your obligation comfortable for you.

  • 5% off for payment in full with cash or check only
  • Interest free payment plan (up to 6 months with CareCredit®)
  • Extended payment plan (up to 5 years with CareCredit®)
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Layaway plan (make payments for future treatment)


We are happy to oblige those patients who have dental insurance. If you provide the necessary information we will gladly bill your insurance company. However we do not hold the insurance company responsible for paying the fee. The patient is the responsible party. We also ask the patient to pay at least their share of cost at each visit. This helps us meet expenses while waiting for payment from your insurance company. Any differences in the account will be settled after we have received the insurance payment.

We ask our patients with insurance to provide verification with correct employee-employer information. We do not prescribe dental treatment based on insurance coverage.

We are happy to process any insurance claim as a service to you. Please keep in mind that any insurance payment estimate that we provide to you is ONLY AN ESTIMATE, we cannot predict what the insurance company will do, and you are fully responsible for all fees. We are proud that our fees reflect the time that our doctor spends with each patient as well as the overall quality of care and service that we provide in our practice. Our fees are not based upon any insurance schedules; therefore we will estimate the share of cost for each visit.

We have noticed that in recent year's insurance benefit plans have lowered their benefits, no longer pay for certain treatments, lowering their table allowances, adding waiting periods, increased deductibles and yet have kept maximums the same for 20 years. You may wish to complain to your company's benefits representative should your benefits be less than you expected.

Any difference in an account can be resolved after benefits from the insurance company are received by our office. Even though you make your estimated patient portion, you still may get a statement from our office. Remember we are ESTIMATING the patient portion. Please do not hesitate to ask the receptionist of any questions you may have.

Missed appointment or late cancellations

A minimum charge will be made for failed or cancelled appointments without a 24 hour advanced notice. Prompt arrival is greatly appreciated, so we can respect the time and convenience of all our patients.